Getaway Guide to Honduras

Our Graphic Designer Sophia Curtis took an unforgettable trip to Honduras to explore her roots and take in the rich culture. Having visited every summer as a child, she now shares with us her new perspective as an adult.

Destination: Honduras

tegucigalpa Honduras

Why Honduras: My mother was born in Tegucigalpa and much of her family still lives there. As a kid, I’d visit every summer, spending days on my family’s farm and my Uncle’s beach house in Tela. Honduras is known for their crystal blue waters and coral reefs off the Bay Islands. There’s so much culture behind the country. It had been years since I visit as an adult.

When you’re in Honduras, visit…

  Valle De Angeles – Small, artisan town located in the valley filled with little shops. Make sure to stop by Hierro Barro y Verde for art, drinks and a gorgeous mountain view.

  La Tigra – Known for supplying Tegucigalpa with spring water, the natural beauty and waterfalls of La Tigra provide the perfect backdrop for a mid-hike picnic.

  Copan Ruins – The archaeological site of the Mayan civilization, the Ruins hold the most history of the Honduran culture. Dedicate a whole day to this.

  Bay Islands – Words cannot describe the beauty of the Bay Islands. Crystal-clear water, vibrant reefs and tropical fish. Great place for some R&R.

Valle De Angeles

What to eat…
Don’t leave without trying Honduran coffee and chocolate. The best coffee I’ve ever had was at Café la Estancia in Valle de Angeles. Another classic Honduran dish is a Baleada, typically made with a flour tortilla filled with refried beans, eggs, chorizo, and sour cream (I like to add plantains for a little sweetness).

What to pack…
Just the essentials. Honduras is a very modest, simple country. Can’t go wrong with long shorts, t-shirts, pants and sneakers. Pack one outfit for going out. There’s a great former house-turned-bar called La Esquina with great outdoor seating. Perfect for grabbing a drink and catching up with friends.

Sophia packed our Small Backpack , Smartphone Crossbody and the Basic Crossbody.

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