Stagecoach will be a blast in California next Friday, filled with tons of country artists and even more activities and attractions. There will be a lot of awesome artists in attendance, headliners  include artists like Eric Church, Jason Aldean, Hunter Hayes, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, and much more. There will also be a ton of stuff to do during those 3 days. You can test out Toyota’s at the Toyota Drive Center, dance at Honky Tonk Dance Hall, check out the Budweiser Clydesdale’s, ride the ferris wheel, and experience the Bud Light Oasis center! Stagecoach has definitely made this an interactive festival with tons to do and so many great artists to go see. There will also be a bunch of charities that Stagecoach will support. Let us know if you will be attending!


Which artist do you want to see?


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The One World print by Diane Barcelowsky reflects the Balinese “way of life”.  Featured in the print is the “Om”, a universal symbol of peace and an elephant, signifying a remover of obstacles.  The village scene featured in the print is framed by a textural peace sign inspired by the intricate batiks and ikats that originate in Bali. One World expresses that we are all one and the same, yet we all have our own unique fingerprints, as portrayed in the complexity and detail of the print. Find out more about the artist of this print:

Where are you from?
New Jersey, but I have been living in NYC/Brooklyn since 1996.

When did you become interested in art and design?
I loved drawing at a very early age. My parents always supported me in the arts.

How did you find out about Sakroots?
A Sakroots designer went to an art show I had in Brooklyn and contacted me after seeing a large drawing of an elephant coming out of a patterned background that was in my show. She asked if I would think about creating a design for a bag collection and referenced that piece. I never really thought of myself as a designer for bags but I liked the idea of wearable art and I was very excited when she told me about the Sakroots collaboration with the nature conservatory.

Unfortunately the Elephant drawing she saw was lost in the mail on route to an art show in Copenhagen. It was my inspiration for the Sakroots One world design.

Here is a detail picture of the lost elephant drawing courtesy of Cinders Gallery:














What was the creating process like for One World?
A lot of my drawings have very detailed borders. I played with making a drawing that was mostly detailed border around a harmonious land with people, nature, animals, and art.

04.15.14 2




















Who is the artist you most admire?
Tarsila do Amaral, Charles E. Burchfield, Grandma Moses, Katherine Linn Sage, Remedios Varo the list is always growing.

What is next for you in your career?
I recently went back to school to complete my Masters in Art Education. I am a strong advocate for art education in our schools. I have been teaching art for over seven years and absolutely love the confidence and exploration I see in my students when they are creating.

I am also working on a picture book based on drawings I did when I was in elementary school. I loved drawing towns with roads, and pretended I was in a car looking out the window driving in my imaginary worlds. I started a town series and have made over thirty different towns or landscapes that you would pass while traveling.

What have you been doing since creating the One World print?
Drawing, showing my artwork, and teaching art.

Have you seen anyone out and about wearing the print yet?
Yes! I saw a few people on the subway and randomly in Chicago, Florida, and California. It is always kind of shocking. I get this urge to want to introduce myself and get to know the person or weirdly hug the person, but I don’t want to scare anyone so I keep my distance.


Check out Diane’s blog here to find out more about the artist!


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Last nights MTV Awards definitely had a lot of great moments. The awards show started off with an amazing opening and only got better as time went on. Here are the 5 best highlights from the MTV Movie Awards:

1. Zac Efron wins Best Shirtless Performance….and proceeds to take his shirt off.

04.14.14 z efron  Photo credit:


2. Jordana Brewster introduces an emotional tribute to Paul Walker.



3. Mark Wahlberg accepts the Generation Award.

04.14.14 mark

photo credit:


4. Channing Tatum accepts the Trailblazer Award and tears up.

04.14.14 channing

photo credit:


5. Conan O’Brien opens the show with a celebrity-packed piece featuring 50 cameos.

Get More:
2014 MTV Movie Awards, Latest Movie News




Have any other fave moments from the awards show? Tell us!


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This month is all about Sunlight One World. We are loving this new print with a neutral background and pops of pastel accents. We’ve compiled our top 4 picks from this print, check them out!


1. Artist Circle Convertible Shopper - the perfect tote for travel, wear it as a crossbody or a shoulder bag!
2. Artist Circle Medium Satchel – store everything you need in this carry all bag, perfect for work, school, or just being on-the-go!
3. Artist Circle Convertible Backpack - this backpack works as a crossbody and a backpack, so functional and perfect for daytime.
4. Artist Circle Smartphone Wristlet - This wristlet fits your smartphone and a stylish embellishment!
Which are your top Sunlight One World picks? 


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Britt Alfieri, one of our Sakroots Campus Ambassadors traveled all over the US a few months ago – taking her Sakroots gear with her! She and her Sakroots products hiked in California, basked in the Florida rays, and partied in Nashville throughout her coast to coast adventure! Check out this awesome selfie with her fave products she took with her on her trip:

 Want to be the next InstaFav? Take a selfie with your Sakroots product(s) and hashtag #sakroots!


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The featured print of the month is the One World print by Diane Barcelowsky. The One World print reflects the Balinese “way of life”. Featured in the print is the “Om”, a universal symbol of peace and an elephant, signifying a remover of obstacles. The village scene featured in the print is framed by a textural peace sign inspired by the intricate batiks and ikats that originate in Bali. One World expresses that we are all one and the same, yet we all have our own unique fingerprints, as portrayed in the complexity and detail of the print.

We’ve created a Pinterest print board to showcase all of our current One World products, how you can wear the One World print, and much more! Check it out here!


Which One World colorway is your fave?


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The Elephant Nature Park is a Sakroots partner charity near and dear to us and is connected to the One World Print. This organization helps to rescue and take care of elephants and other animals and create a sanctuary center for them. The park is located in the Chiang Mai province in Northern Thailand, you can meet the herd here and see what kind of elephants have been saved. You can also volunteer to visit and help the park in person, or you can choose to donate. Don’t forget to choose your karma with Sakroots and help out the ENP when you buy a Sakroots product!




Check out some fun elephant facts and stats here!


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Coachella is one week away and we are so excited! Our favorite California festival will be hosting an amazing couple of weekends. There will be performances by Lourde, OutKast, Pharrell Williams, Alesso, Skrillex, Bastille, Solange, Lana Del Ray, and so many more. Not only can you go to see amazing artists, there will be so many more activities to partake in. You can have Dinner in the Rose Garden, check out all of the restaurant pop-ups by celebrated chefs, drink and eat craft food and spirits, indulge in some of California’s greatest bakeries, and grab some Coachella memorabilia at one of their booths!

Need some festival accessory inspiration? Check out our top festival picks!


 Will you be going?


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