Christmas is right around the corner and in case you’re stumped on what to wear, Sakroots has you covered! We’re featuring three different looks using our colorful art and printed accessories with some fun Christmas details. Check it out below:

Let us know which look is your favorite!


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The Fall photoshoot was a blast, we hung out with llamas and alpacas, took pictures in a barn, and rode trucks and tractors! Introducing some new print color ways and collections, check out the Fall 2015 Lifestyle shoot below.


Shop everything here!


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Songbird by Josana Blue, our print of the month, has a whimsical, musical theme with lines of abstract sheet music and features a peacock symbolizing beauty and integrity. The print symbolizes that “the music and rhythm gives us infinite love”. Denim songbird features vibrant blues, greens, pinks and oranges, perfect for the season. Check out our top 5 must-haves for Fall below:

Which is your Denim Songbird fave?


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Aug 04

Tuesday Tip

“Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen.” Conon O’Brien

07.09.15 best_yoga_running_top_for_women

Photo Credit: The Style Boro


Have any fave Tuesday tip quotes? Write in the comments below!


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 The Sak Brand Group chooses a few interns every Summer to work in select departments for the June-August months. Sinclair comes to us from a university in Virginia where she is a rising Senior. Learn more about this sales intern below!

Radford Univerity, 2016

Sinclair Johnson-Knight, Radford University, 2016

Major: Communications with a Concentration in PR

Fave Sakroots Product: My favorite Sakroots product is definitely the Artist Circle Flap Crossbody in Strawberry True Love print!

Position at The Sak Brand Group: Handbag Sales Intern

What You Do: My main duties included assisting the Ecommerce Platform Administrator and Sales Planner with daily tasks, as well as sitting in on the weekly web review meetings. I also assisted the staff with importing data into Excel spreadsheets and providing general and administrative support to the team in the areas of ECommerce, PR, Marketing, and Social Media.

Best Part About Interning Here: While interning here at the Sak Brand Group, I met many hard working and amazing people who served as great role models for the kind of professional and talented worker I would like to eventually become. I learned more in the two months that I was an intern here than in several courses of any class regarding everything from marketing to fashion merchandising. In addition to having the chance to improve on any existing skills, I also picked up and discovered some new skills along the lines of public relations, fashion merchandising, and basic business relations! The work environment was a perfect place for me to learn new things that I can apply to real-world situations and events. I had awesome mentors who were truly interested in helping me along the path of eventually finding my own niche in the world of fashion marketing and communications. I can safely say that each day I learned something that would serve to be truly useful in my future professional life.


Interested in interning with Sakroots and The Sak Brand Group? Check out our career page here for any available positions!


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