People from all over will be celebrating the Earth and committing to the planet in whatever way possible tomorrow between 8:30 and 9:30 PM local time. Whether you turn off all of the lights in your home, put your phone away, have a candle lit dinner, or watch an environmental documentary for an hour, the hour is yours to decide! Increasing awareness and working towards a greater planet is all the Earth Hour is looking to do, so join in tomorrow night and share in the comments how you participated! You should also post on social media using #earthhour and #yourpower with your location and see what others are doing!

How will you be participating?


Check out other ways to Choose Your Karma with Sakroots here!


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Caitlin Mahoney has been traveling all over playing her awesome music all the while taking some great pis with her fave Sakroots products! Check out this Instagram from @cmahoneymusic on the road with her guitars and fave travel luggage!




The music and rhythm gives us infinite love


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This month’s featured print is Optic Songbird created by Josana Blue. Songbird supports the Harmony Project. Harmony Project’s mission is to promote the healthy growth and development of children through the study, practice and performance of music. To build healthier communities by investing in the positive development of children through music and develop children as musical ambassadors of peace, hope and understanding amongst people of diverse cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. To learn more visit


So with music on our minds I have compiled my fave top 15 songs that have me ready to roll down my windows and turn my stereo up!

1. Shut Up and Dance by Walk on the Moon

2. Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding

3. Honey I’m Good by Andy Grammer

4. Sugar by Maroon 5

5. Sledgehammer by Fifth Harmony

6. Geronimo by Sheppard

7. Style by Taylor Swift

8. I Want You To Know It by Zedd Featuring Selena Gomez

9. Up Town Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars

10. Somebody to You by The Vamps

11. Secrets by Mary Lambert

12. Ghost by Ella Henderson

13. American Dream by MKTO

14. Empire by Shakria

15. Talking Body by Tove Lo


If you haven’t heard some of these songs yet then you have to check them out, I promise you won’t be able to stop singing them! “The music and rhythm gives us infinite love.”


xx sakroots

This article was written by our campus ambassador, Erin Ocepek.

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The Harmony Project is a Sakroots partner charity near and dear to us and is connected to the Songbird print. This organization helps to promote children through the study and practice of music. The Harmony Project hopes to develop children as musical ambassadors no matter their culture, background, or beliefs. Check out all of the programs that Harmony Project has to offer here and find out how to join.  Don’t forget to choose your karma with Sakroots and check out how you can help out the Harmony Project when you buy a Sakroots product!

03.07.15 10499374_10152216937182111_6357435943800252958_o

Check out how to contribute here!


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Our newest print and print of the month, Songbird by Josana Blue, is a perfect blend of whites, blacks, and pops of pinks and greens. Songbird has a whimsical, musical theme with lines of abstract sheet music and features a peacock symbolizing beauty and integrity. The print symbolizes that “the music and rhythm gives us infinite love”.

We’ve created a Pinterest print board to showcase all of our current Songbird products, how you can wear the Songbird print, and much more! Check it out here!



What do you love most about this new print?



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This InstaFavorite is livin’ life on the edge! Check out her style on this rainy day:


Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 6.02.57 PM


Don’t forget to tag @sakrootsbrand or hashtag #sakroots on your product pics and you could be featured as our InstaFave next week!


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Josana Blue is a Brooklyn-based artist that we are really happy to work with! We love March’s newest print of the month, Songbird, and are so excited to introduce our newest artist to the Sakroots community. Find out all about Josana below!



Where are you from? I was born and raised in small town in Maine.

When did you become interested in art and design? My interest in art and design started at a very young age, I always knew that I was an artist. I think that once I started to really grow into myself I was able to channel my innate interests into more tangible creation.

How did you find out about Sakroots? I knew about the brand via friends here in the city.

Whats your style like? My creative style or my fashion style? I mean I guess they really go hand in hand. My fashion style is a mix of the many characters I am. I tend to hybrid mix everything that I love and that my lifestyle is surrounded by. I think my main style combos are; artist hobo chic, hood pirate and beach hippie princess all rolled into one…hahaha! I just go with the flow and what I am feeling. Art is my style.

What inspired you to create this print? The Sakroots brand and this project inspired me to create this print. It originated from an illustration that I did for the ‘unleash your inner artist’ competition. That first drawing was a peacock with ocean inspired tail feathers sitting under a kind of musical jungle tree. I called it “Love Bird”. So those element ideas kind of stayed in place but “Songbird” grew into something more fun and playful. Sakroots is a really happy and positive brand so that really resonated with me throughout the process. Not to mention, it then inspired me to create a song for the print.

Who is your favorite artist? I don’t have one favorite artist or creative I look up to…I have many (painters, sculptors, designers and musicians). As far as art history goes the Abstract Expressionist are at the top for me. I could go on for hours of who are my favorites and why…Picasso, de Kooning, Motherwell, Kline, Krasner, Gorky, Kahlo, Neel, Richter, Matisse…Ralph Lauren, McQueen, YSL, Chanel…Diana Vreeland…Mozart, Led Zepplin, Beastie Boys, Lauryn Hill…not to mention the artists that I work next to The Love Child, Joe Ressarts Strasser…I mean for me that favorite well runs deep. There are just so many greats to be inspired by.

What was it like to create the Songbird print? It was really fun and exciting! It was a light and happy process that organically evolved from our collaborative brainstorming. It was also a wonderful learning experience as this is the first print design process I have been part of.

What do you want to do next in your career? Keep growing. I love everything that I do so I want to continue on this path. To be able to live as an artist truly is a gift, and I take nothing for granted.

Is designing artwork for accessories something you’ve always wanted to do? I have actually always designed and made accessories myself that incorporate my art and design aesthetics. Everything I make is one of a kind and very time consuming so mass producing was not really an option coming from my studio. Being able to share my work with a large audience is absolutely something that I have always wanted to do! So I guess, yes is the answer!

What have you been doing since creating the Songbird print? Everything. I just got back from Mexico where I was project managing, designing and creating artwork for a new jungle business in Tulum. I work as a freelance artist on the creative teams for Ralph Lauren, so I am regularly creating and assisting installs for the widows and stores here in the city. There are some of my paintings, which I created for spring living on Madison Avenue in the women’s mansion right now! I am currently redesigning the Bistro for a re-launch at the Strand Hotel in midtown. Not only am I designing but also creating all of the artwork and installations for this project, it is pretty exciting! I designed the first women’s collection for Good People Surf, which is launching next month. I am working as a costume designer and stylist on photo and video shoots for an amazing performance/event based company called Elan Artists. I have partnered up with the Cream Hotel to be a part of their global creative production team CREAMINOLOGY, which is launching this year. I am in the beginning fazes of creating a brand and designing a jewelry line to launch this fall. And as always I am in my studio painting. I am preparing for the launch of the ‘Josana Blue Gallery’, which I will be opening in Brooklyn this fall. There are probably a few more things I forgot, but as you can see I am not messing around. I am all in!! Stay tuned…


Check out Josi’s song here, available for free download, just click below!


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Ashley is an enthusiastic ambassador for Sakroots and is living her life in Florida. She is a student in Tallahassee and she works, too! Check out this ambassador below:



What college do you attend? I attend Tallahassee Community College in upstate Florida.

What’s your major? After my AA I’ll be majoring in both English and Psychology.

What’s your favorite Sakroots product? My favorite Sakroots product is hands down my backpack! Its cute, and spacious, made of canvas and unique! Everyone loves it, and asks where I got it from. I love telling them about Sakroots and all of the wonderful designs they have.

What do you want to do after you graduate? After I graduate I want to be a Librarian or a professor of either subject.

Why did you join the Campus Circle? I joined the Campus Circle because it seemed like a fun way to get involved in a community that did something special. I’m not the most outgoing person, but its given me plenty of practice in talking to others and being personal on a professional level.

What’s a fun fact about you? A fun fact about me would be that in the year I worked professionally for my favorite library, I took home well over 700+ books, but I never got to read them. I worked at a library but I was never more reading deprived in my life!

What’s your best college experience so far? My first semester was my best college experience. My schedule was perfect, my classes were perfect, and my grades were off the charts! But overall, I had the most fun scrambling into the life of a college student and it felt like I was exactly where I needed to be my entire life!

Best part about being a Campus Circle Ambassador with Sakroots? The best part of being an ambassador is the interaction and the supplies! Everyone can find something that fits them at Sakroots, and it’s fun showing people that and seeing them find their favorite things too.

What do you like most about Sakroots as a brand? The unique style and the natural prints are my favorite.

What do you see yourself being/doing in 15 years? In fifteen years I’d like to be in a town where I can explore every avenue and photograph everything! I want to have a steady income from whatever job I choose and possibly still be going to school to further my education. No matter what I’m doing though, I just see myself being happy where I’m at and with a plan for later!

What’s a typical day like at school for you? As for school, I’m doing online classes. I go to work during the day and do homework at night!

Want to find out more about the Campus Circle program and how to become one? Check it out here!


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St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and you may even be celebrating this weekend! We’ve styled 4 different outfits to rock this St. Patty’s Day that incorporate colorful art in our newest printed accessories with some green and festive colors. Check it out below:

Which look is your fave?


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We spotted Katrina rocking our convertible backpack on the beach and we love it! This California casual vibe mixed with our colorful art is the perfect way to style your backpack! Check them out below:

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.11.11 PM


What’s your beach style?


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